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Creatures Creaturetherm Heater


The Zoo Med Creatures Creaturetherm Heater is a perfect solution to keeping reptiles in a glass tank. This 4-watt output heater packs a powerful punch in maintaining the ideal temperature for your pets, while also staying out of the reach of the reptile itself.

Repti Turtle Eye Drops – 2.25 fl oz


Repti Turtle Eye Drops are a revolutionary ear and eye care solution specially formulated to care for turtles. Primarily composed of chlorhexadine gluconate, it is designed to help cleanse and open up the eyes of your pet turtle. Get the peace of mind knowing your pet is in good hands with Repti Turtle Eye Drops!

ReptiSun 10.0 T8-HO UVB Fluorescent Lamp – 32 W – 48″


Keep your reptilian pet safe and healthy with the ReptiSun 10.0 T8-HO UVB Fluorescent Lamp. This lamp provides the perfect amount of UVB output for even the farthest distances – something your pet will appreciate and that you can trust to provide the utmost protection & care.

Shed-Ease – 8 fl oz


Shed-Ease – 8 fl oz is the perfect solution for reptiles having trouble shedding their skin. Use a 20 minute bath with Shed-Ease to ensure old skin slides off effortlessly and add luster to the new skin.