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Box Turtle Food – 12 oz


Rep-Cal Box Turtle Food is the perfect way to ensure proper health and growth of your box turtle. It contains natural plant and fruit ingredients and is 100% complete nutrition. Formulated with calcium and vitamin D3, it is ideal for any age, land and aquatic species. Get your box turtle the nutrition they need with this balanced meal.

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Buffet Blend for Box Turtles – 6.5 oz


Flukers Buffet Blend for Box Turtles is a specially designed blend of vitamins, minerals, proteins, mealworms, strawberries, and green peas, perfectly balanced for your four-legged reptilian friend.

Crafted Cuisine – Garden Blend


Feed your scaly friends a garden-fresh diet with Fluker’s Crafted Cuisine – Garden Blend Reptile Food. It contains red bell pepper, sweet potato, hay, tomato pomace, and kale. Perfect for bearded dragons, tortoises, fruit-eating geckos, and more!

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Gourmet Box Turtle Food – 15 oz


Zoo Meds Gourmet Box Turtle Food is the perfect meal to provide your pet box turtle with essential nutrients, vitamins, and a tasty treat. This delicious food adds enrichment to your turtles diet with dried mealworms, mushrooms, and strawberries. Get the best taste and balanced nutrition for your pet!

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Turtle Hut – Large


The Turtle Hut is the perfect hideaway for your reptilian pet, providing safety and comfort in the terrarium or aquarium – perfect for aquatic turtle, box turtle, land tortoise, newt, and shy fish.

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