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Basking Combo Pack – 75 W


Get the perfect combo pack of heat and light for your reptile with the Zoo Med 75 Watt Basking Combo Pack. This comes with a Repti Basking Spot Lamp that emits both heat, daylight, and UVA and a Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp, giving your pet 24 hour comfort.

Basking Platform Ramp – Small


Got a reptilian pet’ Get the Basking Platform Ramp – Small from Reptile Encounter and provide your pet with a healthy environment perfect for basking in UV light, stimulating appetite and metabolism, and regulating body temperature.

Bend-A-Branch – Large


Flukers Bend-A-Branch – Large is the perfect addition to any terrarium environment suitable for snakes, geckos, chameleons, and tree frogs. Stable, flexible and pet-safe, the bendable branch helps recreate the natural environment of their wild counterparts.

Clamp Lamp with Switch – 10″


Flukers Clamp Lamp with Switch is the perfect addition to any reptile habitat. At 10″ long, it is suitable for up to 250W bulbs and ceramic heat emitters, perfect for regulating the temperature needed for basking species.

Creatures Cave – Medium Size


The Zoo Med Creatures Cave is an ideal habitat accessory for reptile enthusiasts – providing a safe and naturalistic basking space for a variety of arid and semi arid species like geckos, chameleons, snakes, and more!

Day White Light Incandescent Spot Lamp – 150 W


The DayWhite Light Incandescent Spot Lamp ‘ 150 W is perfect for reptiles including snakes, lizards, frogs and turtles. It provides essential light and heat for basking and overall health, emits a natural daylight white light with gentle warmth, and helps to bring out the natural vibrant colors of your pet.

Day White Light Incandescent Spot Lamp – 75 W


Enjoy the rare earth phosphor coating and internal reflector of the Day White Light Incandescent Spot Lamp – 75 W to get the perfect environment for your reptile pet. Plus, enjoy greater energy efficiency and easy installation.

Floating Turtle Log – Large


This Zoo Med Floating Turtle Log is the perfect accessory for your aquatic turtle enclosure. Made with safe, durable resin, it offers your shelled friends a stress-free retreat as well as a stable basking surface.

Incandescent Day Blue Light Bulb – 100 W


If you want to create an ideal environment for your reptilian pet, get the Incandescent Day Blue Light Bulb – 100 W! It emits powerful energy across all visible wavelengths and UVA rays and has an uncoated blue glass which helps maintain the temperature and humidity. Get it now!

Night Time Red Basking Light – 50 W


Get Flukers Night Time Red Basking Light for Reptilian Pets! This 50 watt, long-lasting light provides both infrared light and nocturnal red light to provide optimal view of your reptiles.

Paludarium 18x18x36


The Zoo Med Paludarium 18x18x36 is the perfect home for a variety of reptiles and amphibians. It can be used to create a beautiful water-land environment and provide sea-dwelling critters, such as fish and invertebrates, room to explore and establish their own living area.

Premium Heat Mat – 11″ x 29″


Flukers Premium Heat Mat is ideal for a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians and provides them with a warm, constant environment to bask and feed. This energy efficient mat is humidity and water resistant and comes with an easy-to-use temperature adjustment.