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Repta-Vines – Pothos – 6″


Flukers Repta-Vines are the perfect vibrant addition to any terrarium or Paludarium environment. They provide mind stimulation, nutrition, and a natural look & feel. Featuring long stems, oval-shaped leaves and vibrant colors, theyre suitable for all arboreal reptile species.

Repta-Vines – Purple Coleus – 6″


Flukers Repta-Vines are perfect for any terrarium or paludarium environment. This unique product boasts a variegated pattern, adding extra flair and personality to your reptiles enclosure and is suitable for arboreal reptiles like anoles, frogs, geckos and chameleons.

Repti Habitat Skyscraper 18x18x36


Repti Habitat Skyscraper 18x18x36 is perfect for arboreal reptilian species such as Boas, Tree Pythons, Old World Chameleons, Green Basilisks, and Giant Day Geckos. This terrarium features robust glass construction, stainless steel screen, lockable latch and adequate ventilation, making it perfect habitat for all types of reptiles.

Vertical Décor – Mushroom Feeding Ledge


Buy the Zilla Vertical Dcor – Mushroom Feeding Ledge from Reptile Encounter the perfect addition to any terrarium or paludarium that is designed for arboreal reptiles and amphibians like snakes, lizards, tree frogs and anoles.