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Arboreal Feeding Cup


Keep your pet reptilian active and healthy with the Zoo Med Arboreal Feeding Cup. Attach it to the side of their enclosure for easy foraging. Suitable for chameleons, anoles, and geckos, it ensures your pet access to the right nutrition and ecosystem.

Deluxe Shovel Scooper


The Deluxe Shovel Scooper from Zoo Med is perfect for terrarium cleaning for reptiles! Low-profile design & wide, flat scooping surface is ideal for spot cleaning. Durable & easy to clean. Shop Now!

Gourmet-Style Canned Dubia Roaches – 1.2 oz


Get nutrition-packed Flukers Gourmet-Style Canned Dubia Roaches for your reptilian pet. These delicious canned roaches provide essential vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins to your pet, keeping them healthy and happy.

Madagascar Bamboo – Medium


Create the perfect naturalistic terrarium for your reptilian pet with this realistic Madagascar Bamboo – Medium. Perfect for medium-sized reptiles, such as chameleons, geckos, and anoles, the Madagascar Bamboo offers your pet an ideal hide-out spot.

Repta-Vines – English Ivy – 6″


Add nature to your reptile’s enclosure with Repta-Vines English Ivy! It is made of non-toxic and easy to clean pet safe polyethylene and boasts wide, bright green leaves that create an enriched environment and encourages natural behaviors.

Repti Breeze Large


Keep your reptilian pet safe and happy with ReptiBreeze Large, a specially designed open-air aluminum screen habitat perfect for housing small species of chameleons, iguanas, anoles, and geckos. Large front and bottom doors make access and substrate removal a breeze. Includes accessories for temperature and humidity control.

Repti Breeze Small


Repti Breeze Small is the perfect cage for your small reptilian pet! This corrosion-resistant, black anodized aluminum screen cage includes a temperature and humidity controller, light fixture and easy access to your pet. Get your Repti Breeze Small today!

Repti Breeze XL


Buy a ReptiBreeze XL open air screen cage for your reptilian pet. Its corrosion-resistant, black anodized aluminum construction provides superior strength and lasting durability. Safe and healthy environment for years to come!

Repti Fogger Terrarium Humidifer


Need to create tropical-like conditions like rainforests in your pet’s home’ Repti Fogger Terrarium Humidifer may be the solution! It creates a dramatic cool mist and ensures that all your pet’s needs are met.

Terrarium Liner – Brown – 29 gal


Get the perfect bedding solution for your reptiles with the Zilla Brown Terrarium Liner from Reptile Encounter. Made with absorbent, recycled materials and biodegradable, it also prevents accidental ingestion during feeding. Buy Now!

Terrarium Liner – Brown – 40/50 gal


Make your pet reptilian experience better with the Zilla terrarium liner for 40/50 gallon tanks. An ideal choice for a wide variety of reptiles, it is designed from eco-friendly, recycled materials, and is easy to clean and maintain.

Terrarium Liner – Green – 125 gal


Give your reptiles a comfortable and safe home with the Zilla Terrarium Liner! This green-hued liner is designed to line the bottom of terrariums, creating a soft and plush layer for reptiles near and far.