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Grub Bag Turtle Treats – River Shrimp – 12 oz


Treat your aquatic reptile with Flukers Grub Bag Turtle Treats – River Shrimp! 100% all-natural and high-protein, this treat is provided in a convenient resealable bag. Perfect for aquatic turtles and other amphibians, tropical fish, and reptilian pets.

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Hermit Crab Fruit Salad – 0.85 oz


Hermit Crab Fruit Salad is the perfect way to bring variety to your hermit crabs diet with all-natural dried apples, cranberries, and mangos. This snack is packed with energy and essential vitamins and minerals to keep your pet healthy.

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Hermit Crab Peanut Crunchies – 1.85 oz


Make your pet hermit crabs day with the all-natural Hermit Crab Peanut Crunchies. Loaded with healthy vitamins, minerals and more, these crunchy snacks are great for adding variety to their diet.

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Natural Forest Tortoise Food – 15 oz


Nutritionally balanced Natural Forest Tortoise food that is 15 oz in size and blended with long-stem fibers, dandelion greens, yucca, and other plants needed for healthy development and strengthened shell. No preservatives or additives.

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