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Hold Down Kit for Nano Dome


The Zoo Med Nano Dome Hold Down Kit is the perfect solution for securing your screen cover and the Zoo Med LF-35 Nano Dome Lamp Fixture together. It is easy to install and offers a secure and stable hold for the lights and habitats of your reptilian, amphibian, and insect pet.

Light Bracket


The Exo Terra Light Bracket is an adjustable light dome support fixture that provides a safe environment for your reptile pet. It ensures secure suspension and an efficient heat and light system while maintaining a perfect balance. Get it today and secure your terrarium!

Light Bracket Adhesive Support Base


Get the optimal quality for your reptilian pet with the Exo Terra Light Bracket Adhesive Support Base. Lead & Phthalate-free, it provides a secure way to attach lights and fixtures to your terrarium and ensures a safe and healthy environment for your pet.

Mounting Spring Clip


The Zilla Mounting Spring Clip is perfect for securely mounting lighting domes on top of aquariums. Ideal for reptiles, amphibians, and other small animals, its spring hooks stretch and hook on to the top grate of the aquarium. Get optimal safety and minor movement and adjustments!

Reptile Lamp Stand – 10 to 20 gal


The Zoo Med Reptile Lamp Stand ‘ 10 to 20 Gal is perfect for securely and safely suspending Zoo Med clamp lamp fixtures for a reptilian pets environment. Adjustable height, length, stable base providing their ideal environment whether it be for warmth or light.

Reptile Lamp Stand – 20 to 100 gal


Zoo Meds Reptile Lamp Stand is the perfect accessory to keep your beloved reptilian pet safe, comfortable, and happy. This adjustable stand is the best way to ensure the ideal environment for your pet’s enclosure.