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Ball Valve for Misting Systems – 1/4″


Keep your reptile happy and healthy with the Ball Valve for Misting Systems – 1/4′. This valve is designed for optimal performance, so its durable and long lasting. Its also designed for maximum efficiency and easy installation. Get your Ball Valve and give your pet the perfect habitat!

Bulkhead with O-Ring for Misting Systems – 1/4″


Equip Reptile Misting System with MistKing 1/4″” Bulkhead with O-Ring for easy connection to water hoses and components. The O-ring ensures disease-free environment and temperature and humidity levels perfect for chameleons and bearded dragons.

Double Misting Assembly – Value L-Fitting


The MistKing Double Misting Assembly Value L-Fittings are an essential for reptile keepers. This assembly is perfect for smaller tanks, offering full range motion, with two exclusively black low-flow, check-valved nozzles and is fully compatible with other existing MistKing nozzles.

Double Misting Assembly – Value T-Fitting


Upgrade your reptile enclosure with the MistKing Double Misting Assembly Value T-Fitting from Reptile Encounter to provide your beloved pet with the optimal humidity, comfort, and hydration.

Elbow Connector for Misting Systems – 1/4″


The MistKing 1/4″ Elbow Connector for Misting Systems is the perfect accessory for reptile parents. This elbow connector is designed to direct misting systems around tight corners of the enclosure. It is strong and reliable, made to last for years and allowing for long-term use of up to 2,000 psi.

Elbow Connector for Misting Systems – 3/8″


The MistKing 3/8″ Value Elbow Connector is perfect for reptile enthusiasts – it offers perfect control of the misting system and will instantly improve the conditions for your pet. Chemical, UV and rust resistant with fiberglass braid, it provides your pet with a safe and secure habitat.

Mister Portable Pressure Sprayer


Enhance the environment of your reptilian or amphibian pet with the Exo Terra Mister Portable Pressure Sprayer. It holds up to 2L of water with an adjustable nozzle to meet your pets specific humidity needs.

Multiport Fogger Attachment


Get full control over your reptile pets environment with the Zoo Med Multiport Fogger Attachment. This fogger attachment features an adjustable hose length, three-port system and suction cup for easy mounting. Perfect for a range of reptiles, this fogger provides moisture and vitamins to help keep them healthy and active.

Naturalistic Terrarium Waterfall Kit


Create a natural environment and add a touch of beauty to your reptilian habitat with the Naturalistic Terrarium Waterfall Kit. Includes everything needed to create the perfect habitat and keep your reptile hydrated and safe.

Plug In Tee Connector for Misting Systems – 1/4″


The Mistking 1/4″ Value Plug In Tee Connector is an essential part of any reptile owners misting system setup. It is designed for long-lasting and easy use with 1/4″ fittings that are simple for installation or replacement. Plus, its corrosion-resistant construction makes it perfect for any environment.

Replacement L-Nozzle for Misting Systems – 3 pk


The MistKing Replacement L-Nozzle for Misting Systems is designed for reptile enthusiasts and offers adjustable flow, durable construction, and consistent mist. Get your MistKing L-Nozzle reptile accessories today!

Repta Sprayer


Flukers Repta Sprayer is the ultimate companion to any reptilian pet owner! This sleek and convenient hydration system provides your pet with just the right amount of hydration with the simple press of a button.