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Heat Mat Terrarium Heater – Medium


Feel confident that reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids are staying healthy and active with the Heat Mat Terrarium Heater! This 16W heater accurately thermo-regulates body heat while simulating natural heat temperatures and helping to replicate their natural habitat.

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Heat Mat Terrarium Heater – Mini


The Zilla Heat Mat Terrarium Heater is perfect warmth source for desert and tropical species of reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids. This heat mat is reliable, dependable, and comes with a special protective coating.

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Heat Mat Terrarium Heater – Small


Reptiles rely on external heat sources to regulate their body temperature, energy and appetite. Get the perfect heat mat for your pets environment with this Reptile Heat Mat Terrarium Heater – Small.

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Heat Wave Rock Electronic Heat Stone – Small


Heat Wave Rock Electronic Heat Stone – Small: A durable construction designed to replicate the natural warmth of sun-soaked rocks for pet reptiles like snakes, lizards, turtles, & amphibians.

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Premium Heat Mat – 11″ x 11″


Flukers Premium Heat Mat delivers 12 watts of power at a constant temperature of 100′ Fahrenheit. Safely and comfortably heat any reptile or amphibian habitat with this durable 11″ x 11″ mat.

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Premium Heat Mat – 11″ x 17″


Keep your reptilian pet fit and healthy with Flukers Premium Heat Mat. Designed to provide a uniformly distributed heat, this heat mat won’t overheat your pets enclosure and maintains a steady 100′ Fahrenheit.

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Premium Heat Mat – 11″ x 29″


Flukers Premium Heat Mat is ideal for a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians and provides them with a warm, constant environment to bask and feed. This energy efficient mat is humidity and water resistant and comes with an easy-to-use temperature adjustment.

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Premium Heat Mat – 4″ x 5″


Flukers Premium Heat Mat is the perfect way to ensure your reptilian and amphibian pets have the desired temperature in their terrarium or vivarium. With a constant temperature of 100’F, this 4″” x 5″” heat mat is designed to be as durable and reliable as possible.

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Premium Heat Mat – 6″ x 11″


Introducing Flukers Premium Heat Mat, providing a safe, consistent, and uniform level of warmth for reptiles and amphibians. Suitable for tanks between 10-20 gallons, produce 7 watts of power, and runs at a constant 100′ Fahrenheit.

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ReptiCare Rock Heater – Giant


Get your reptilian pet a custom safe habitat with the Zoo Med Giant ReptiCare Rock Heater. Perfect for larger reptiles, this heater has an insulated nichrome wire element, an energy efficient low wattage operation, and is made of hydrated rock material.

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ReptiCare Rock Heater – Mini


Get the perfect basking processes for your reptilian pet with the Zoo Med Mini ReptiCare Rock Heater. Its a low wattage and energy-efficient operation with a custom-constructed, hydrated rock material thats designed to simulate the process in the wild.

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ReptiCare Rock Heater – Standard


Look no further than Zoo Med Standard ReptiCare Rock Heater! Crafted in the USA, this energy efficient device is ideal for most lizards, snakes, pythons, boas, king snakes, rat snakes, bearded dragons, monitor lizards, and tegu lizards ‘ get one today to provide a much-needed boost for your pet’s care routine.

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