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Analog Humidity Gauge


The Analog Humidity Gauge from Reptile Encounter ensures your reptilian pet is surrounded by strong air circulation and the correct humidity level in their terrarium environment. Buy yours today for the best price.

Analog Reptile Thermometer


Get precise readings of your reptiles temperature range with the Analog Reptile Thermometer. Features an easy to read scale, tapered tip, and absorbent cotton tip.

Ball Valve for Misting Systems – 1/4″


Keep your reptile happy and healthy with the Ball Valve for Misting Systems – 1/4′. This valve is designed for optimal performance, so its durable and long lasting. Its also designed for maximum efficiency and easy installation. Get your Ball Valve and give your pet the perfect habitat!

Bulkhead with O-Ring for Misting Systems – 1/4″


Equip Reptile Misting System with MistKing 1/4″” Bulkhead with O-Ring for easy connection to water hoses and components. The O-ring ensures disease-free environment and temperature and humidity levels perfect for chameleons and bearded dragons.

Ceramic Heat Emitter – 100 W


Get comfortable warmth for your beloved reptilian pet with the Flukers Ceramic Heat Emitter. This 100 watt powerhouse provides powerful heat without any visible light, making it ideal for a variety of cold-blooded reptiles. Get it now!

Ceramic Heat Emitter – 150 W


Flukers Ceramic Heat Emitter 150 Watt is the perfect choice for reptile keepers looking to stock their habitats with the right amount of heat and light. This hefty emitter comes in a circular form, allowing reptile owners to create just the right kind of basking area for their scaly friends.

Ceramic Heat Emitter – 60 W


Flukers Ceramic Heat Emitter is the perfect addition to any reptile or amphibian habitat to maintain a comfortable and controlled temperature for your pet. The Emitter gives off powerful infrared light, 60w of power and its ideal for most desert and tropical reptiles.

Creatures Creaturetherm Heater


The Zoo Med Creatures Creaturetherm Heater is a perfect solution to keeping reptiles in a glass tank. This 4-watt output heater packs a powerful punch in maintaining the ideal temperature for your pets, while also staying out of the reach of the reptile itself.

Digital Combo Thermometer Humidity Gauge


Monitor the temperature and humidity levels of your pet reptile enclosure with precision accuracy, with the Zoo Med Digital Combo Thermometer Humidity Gauge! Perfect for creating the ideal environment for your reptile pet.

Digital Min-Max Precision Thermometer


The Zoo Med Digital Min-Max Precision Thermometer is the perfect addition to sensitive environments such as incubators, basking sites, greenhouses, bird aviaries and reptile rooms. Waterproof remote sensor with a three foot cable, suction cup mounting and easy to read display.

Digital Terrarium Thermometer


The Digital Terrarium Thermometer is the perfect device to monitor reptile environment temperatures. It offers precise accuracy with its 39 inch probe and provides an easy to read digital display which can be toggled between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Double Misting Assembly – Value L-Fitting


The MistKing Double Misting Assembly Value L-Fittings are an essential for reptile keepers. This assembly is perfect for smaller tanks, offering full range motion, with two exclusively black low-flow, check-valved nozzles and is fully compatible with other existing MistKing nozzles.