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Fuzzy Mice 1ct – Frozen


Fuzzy Mice Single are a wild-caught, farm-raised and freeze-dried food source for reptiles that is not only nutritious, but also provides an interesting texture. These small critters are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, which can help keep reptile owners pets healthy and happy.

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Large Mice – Single


Large Mice Single are the perfect choice for large reptilian pets. Packed with plenty of protein and a flavorful & crunchy exterior, these mice will be sure to keep your reptilian pet happy and healthy.

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Medium Mice – Single


Looking for a top-quality food source for reptiles that offers plenty of nutrition, texture variety and an ideal texture for cleaning the teeth Medium Mice Single offers essential amino acids, fatty acids and calcium plus naturally occurring enzymes. Get your reptilian pet the nutrition it needs with these mice from Reptile Encounter.

Pinkie Mice 1ct – Frozen


Pinkie Mice are specially-bred single mice, perfect for reptiles like snakes, lizards, and tortoises, that provide your pet with high-protein nutrition and safety. Feed your pet the perfect pinkie meal with Pinkie Mice from Reptile Encounter!

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Small Mice – Single


Upgrade your reptiles diet with Small Mice from Reptile Encounter! These individually frozen mice are the perfect size for small reptiles and come packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Try them today and see the difference in your pets health and happiness!

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