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Aquatic Frog & Tadpole Food – 12 oz


Zoo Meds Aquatic Frog & Tadpole Food is a great high-protein sinking pellet for all types of aquatic frogs and tadpoles. Its sinking pellets allow tadpoles and frogs easier access to food and it helps reduce pollution from uneaten food. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients, this food helps provide your amphibian friends with a long, healthy life.

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Aquatic Newt Food – 2 oz


Zoo Med’s Aquatic Newt Food is specifically designed to provide aquatic newts with the extra nutrition they need. This soft moist food is a high-protein meal designed by expert zoological nutritionists. Enjoy watching your beloved newt lock in with Zoo Med’s Aquatic Newt Food!

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Aquatic Shrimp, Crab & Lobster Food – 2.5 oz


Zoo Meds Aquatic Shrimp, Crab & Lobster Food provides complete nutrition for aquatic shrimp, crabs, and lobsters. This high-protein, sinking food stick formula is rich in essential proteins, vitamins and minerals to promote optimal growth and diet.

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Blue Tongue Skink Food Crumbles – 8 oz


Get your pet reptilian a perfect daily meal with Zoo Med Blue Tongue Skink Food Crumbles. This comprehensive food source is formulated with timothy and alfalfa grasses, mango, black soldier fly larvae, and other wholesome ingredients.

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Pac Attack – 1.41 oz


[Hikari Pac Attack for Pacman Frogs] – Hikari Pac Attack is a high-quality diet specifically formulated to provide any large, hungry Pacman frog with the nutrition it needs to survive and thrive. Perfect for your reptilian pets growth and development.

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Pacman Frog Food – 10 oz


Zoo Meds Pacman Frog Food provides your Pacman frog with complete & balanced nutrition while offering a great alternative to live foods. With 48% protein, this 10 oz package of Pacman Frog food will become your pets favorite!

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Pacman Frog Food – 2 oz


Zoo Meds Pacman Frog Food is the complete and balanced diet that your reptilian pet needs. With 48% protein content, it provides all the essential nutrients to promote healthy growth and digestion. Made in the USA with quality ingredients.

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